Welcome to The Pop Institute! We love things that go off with a bang. Here at the institute, popcorn is our art and our passion, so we are always working to create new flavours for your mouth to fall in love with.

Our popcorn products use only the finest sourced ingredients to deliver you the best tasting flavour. We use Australian non-gmo corn and pop and pack our popcorn right here in Perth.

Where to Buy

Watch this space as we start to 'pop' up at different venues and cafes around town over the coming months.

Know someone who owns a café or has an upcoming event in which they could be interested in The Pop Institute, then let us know their contact details & you could get yourself a free bag of our delicious ever so popular Sweet & Salty popcorn delivered to you just for passing on the lead to us!

If you have a party, wedding or corporate event and would like to arrange some bags of popcorn for your guests, then please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

We can provide delivery within the Perth CBD area.


Also available in the following premium range - Mocha, Salted Caramel & Easter Popcorn.

Many more flavours popping up each month! keep an eye out for the soon to arrive; Sea Salt & Vinegar, Choc Cinnamon & Turkish Delight...


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